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First we are going to cover the basics.

Thanks for your interest in pitching.

What's your first name? *

What's your last name, {{answer_LHpL}}?

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We'll use this to let you know of any unexpected astronomical goings on or sightings.
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If yes, which tour stop partner referred you?

For example, Mary Mears, Gigi Goodwin, Robin Finnacom, Stacey Smith, Bill Burke, etc.
Now let's grab the details on your startup.

Give us a short description of {{answer_Tgmv}}: *

When was {{answer_Tgmv}} founded? *

When was this awesome company launched/founded?
Are you incorporated? *

This means are you officially a company by law in the State of Maryland or the mid atlantic region?
What type of business is {{answer_Tgmv}}? *

What life cycle stage are you at? *

Which Industry sectors or innovation categories do you most align with? *

These define which areas you are disrupting, innovating, and exploring.

How many founders does {{answer_Tgmv}} have? *

Who are the other founders?

Are all of your founders/core team members equity holders? *

Why are you the right person to run this venture? *

What skill sets, backgrounds, and personality traits make you the right person to drive a successful venture in {{answer_fXbD}}?
Why is this the right team *

What skill sets, backgrounds, and personality traits make this the team to drive a successful venture in {{answer_fXbD}}?
Is this your first Venture? *

What other companies have you or your team members been involved with? *

What other ventures have you been a part of?! Were they successful?!
Are you interested in participating in a bootcamp, accelerator, or angel training program? *

What's your web presence?

Link us to your varied websites and social media profiles.
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Now for the fun questions, let's learn what's special about your startup:

These questions are oriented to give us more detail on what sets your company apart, what your market is, and how viable your venture will be! Don't worry these answers won't affect your ability to pitch, but they strongly help us find the right resources to send your way.
What problem are you solving?

Describe how you would measure success for an early stage startup? And by that metric how successful are you? *

What’s your total addressable market (TAM)? *

Describe your competitive landscape? (if your answer is no competition, why are there no competitors within your space?) *

Whats your differentiator?

Why did you start this business in your city? *

How many employees or Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) do you currently have? *

In the next 12-18 months how many employees or FTEs does {{answer_Tgmv}} expect to have? *

Have you raised any funding? *

What Have your Funding Sources been? *

This helps us define where you are and where we will help you go!

Have you participated in an incubator or accelerator? *

Has {{answer_Tgmv}}been a part of an incubator or accelerator program?
Which incubator or accelerator did {{answer_Tgmv}} go through? *

Are you currently raising funding? *

How much are you raising? *

This also helps us find who the right capital partners would be for your startup.
Is this round a convertible note or a priced round? *

If priced, What is the valuation?

This just helps us gain a picture of where you are as a company.
How much have you raised so far? *

If you've prepared an executive summary or pitch deck please upload it here!

If your file size is to large, save it as a pdf and use pdf compress to shrink the file:
Do you have a demo of your company, product, or innovation? URL, Youtube video, beta app download, etc.

We'd love to check out a demo of your company, product, or innovation. Please link us below to anything you have available!
Did we just discover next billion dollar company? *

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Thank you for applying to be a part of this years Pitch Across Maryland Competiton!
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